The Mason High School Principal Bobby Dodd said, "This will help reduce the competitive culture."

BY: Paul Craft

As reported by USA Today an Ohio High School eliminated the valedictorian honor over 'mental wellness' concerns. The school's worry was "unhealthy competitiveness among students."

The High School will continue to honor students who excel. USA Today reported that:

The school will still recognize academic achievers despite the changes. 

Students with a 4.0 GPA and higher will earn summa cum laude honors, 3.75 to 3.99 will earn magna cum laude, and 3.51 to 3.74 will earn cum laude. 

The Mason High School Principal Bobby Dodd said, "This will help reduce the overall competitive culture."  The adage that 'life is not fair' seems to have escaped the mind of the leaders at Mason High School. The simple fact is that there are winners and losers in life. 

Our country stands for hard work and the reality that we are going to lose sometimes. We may lose the fight, but a winner turns a loss into an opportunity to learn and work harder. 

The action taken by Mason High School to eliminate the valedictorian honor is just another step to try not to offend someone. To use the excuse that their concern for the students 'mental wellness' is laughable. 

If students are not ready for the realities of life, I feel sorry for them in the workplace. 

I'm sure great men and women like Dwight D Eisenhower, Rev. Billy Graham and, Senator Susan Collins had many loses in life, but they have proven that real winners in life pick themselves up and keep pushing on.

In conclusion, my concern is that young people will not be ready for the hard knocks of life.