It is a day when persons put decorations on the graves of United States soldiers who have died.

By James Edwin Gibson

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Monday, May 27, 2019 is the annual Memorial Day holiday in the United States this year. It’s a great day to fellowship with family and friends and to celebrate life. 

But, please take at least a little time on this holiday to remember the dead and the suffering. Maybe even remember our country’s past, which included both heroic and egregious acts that led to a lot of deaths. 

In addition to remembering loved ones among your family and friends who have passed on, please take time to think about all the military veterans and others who remain alive but are suffering greatly on this Memorial Day holiday. 

Memorial Day (Formerly Decoration Day)

Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day. It was a day when persons put decorations on the graves of United States soldiers who had died in battle. It later became a day when many put flowers on the graves of family members and friends who had passed on, as well as remembering the soldiers. 

The original intent of remembering soldiers who died in battle is a good one to retain. But, I urge persons to also remember the millions of United States military veterans who served this nation in the past, but now suffer from handicaps and illnesses (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) related to wartime injuries. Some have limited medical treatment options available for them. 

Additionally, many of these veterans are sworn to secrecy by the government so they can’t even talk publicly about events that caused them enormous mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual anguish. We often read about heroic acts of veterans, but perhaps if we read more about the horrors they experienced we would work harder to prevent future wars.

Military Personnel and Civilians Suffered from Government Mind-Control Experiments

Some former military personnel and civilians have spoken out in recent decades about those who suffered greatly as a result of mind-control experiments, etc., that the government did decades ago. For example, numerous articles have been written about the federal government’s Edgewood experiments involving chemical weapons and LSD that occurred during the last century, including a 2017 Baltimore Sun[1] piece.

Numerous things also have been written about the CIA’s Project MKULTRA, mind-control experiments that sometimes involved using LSD on unsuspecting people. You can read more about this in a article[2] and the official Congressional hearing into MKULTRA,[3]as well as numerous other sources.

Evils committed by the Phoenix Program during the Vietnam War, at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, etc., are among the other things that the government sought to cover-up. Who knows how much veterans experienced that they cannot communicate about to the public due to being sworn to secrecy by the United States government? Many of these veterans suffer mental issues, as well as physical, spiritual, and emotional ones from what they experienced and witnessed. 


Closing Thoughts

The United States may be the greatest nation in the history of the world. Our country’s residents donate enormous amounts of time, money, and skilled labor to helping people in this country and around the world. But, we need to remember that there are still large groups of people in this country and around the world suffering immensely, often due to wrongful actions by our government. 

Hundreds of thousands (over a million?) of Native American Indians suffer from poverty, disease, alcoholism, and other problems on reservations. 

Millions of African-Americans remain in poverty generations after the official end of slavery in this country. 

Thousands of U.S. military veterans are homeless and millions of them suffer from various illnesses and injuries related to their military service. 

Furthermore, you probably can think of other specific people or specific groups in your area that are suffering, wherever you live. For example, I know there are many in southeastern Kentucky (which is part of the Appalachian coal fields) where I spent my childhood that suffer from high unemployment and poverty.


Yes, Memorial Day is a wonderful time to remember the soldiers (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, etc.)who died in service for this country and to remember other loved ones who have passed on – and everyone is someone’s loved one. But, I think it is even more important to seek to ensure that those currently suffering receive proper care. Maybe it’s even more important to try to prevent future deaths, injuries, and pain, and any other wrongdoing, whenever reasonably reasonable, anywhere in the world. 

Finally, on Memorial Day do seek to take time to enjoy good food and good fellowship with friends and relatives. Happy Memorial Day everyone!


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This piece is being submitted to Craft News Report on May 25, 2019. It is adapted and updated from various other pieces the author has written on this subject and related subjects over the years. 

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