Tattoos and Piercings News: Popular With Young Adults, But Are They Desirable?

By James Edwin Gibson

In recent years it has become common, especially among young adults, to get tattoos and piercings. Some persons have tattoos covering large parts of their visible body. Some have piercings of their tongue, nose, navel, and/or eyebrow(s), as well as the ear piercings that have long been common among many women.

What has led to this widespread emphasis on tattoos and piercings? Does it make sense? Though adults may choose to get a part of their body pierced or tattooed, is that wise? Personally, I think not. I feel that people do well if we take good care of ourselves. And, taking good care of ourselves does not include putting unnecessary extra holes in body parts or injecting ink under the skin, as I see it.

If you are considering getting a piercing or a tattoo, before doing so please consider the health risks and the effects on one's appearance. You can find numerous articles online that discuss these things.

Five Specific Reasons Not to Get a Tattoo or a Piercing

Below I mention five specific reasons not to get a tattoo or a piercing:

·         the risk of infection. Why risk a potentially life-threatening infection?

·         the cost. Couldn't the money be better spent on something else?

·         the effect on one's appearance. Many persons dislike seeing tattoos or piercings.

·         the permanence. Removing tattoos is difficult, time consuming, and may not work well. Even the holes from piercings take time to heal, and the area may not return to its original appearance. Scarring can occur with tattoos and piercings.

·         the pain. You can experience pain while getting a tattoo or piercing, as well as afterward.

Christian Tattoos and Concluding Thoughts

I know people who obtained tattoos of Jesus, of a cross, or of something else related to Christianity to demonstrate their faith. They frequently seem to sincerely feel that Christian tattoos help them in their Christian witness. But is it really necessary to acquire a tattoo to demonstrate one's faith? Do you think Jesus would want you to go to a tattoo parlor and get a tattoo or would he prefer for you to spend that money on food or other necessary items for the needy? I hope you agree with me that one's faith can be demonstrated better in other ways than by getting tattooed or pierced.

I realize persons sometimes have strong emotional reasons for getting tattoos or piercings. For example, they may desire to show love for a relative or friend. However, relationships change, as do ways of honoring and remembering those relationships. I feel that there are other ways to demonstrate one's love that don't disfigure one's body.

In conclusion, yes, adults of legal age have the option of getting tattoos or piercings. But I don't recommend getting one. And I certainly don't desire to get one myself.


This article being submitted to Craft News Report on March 24, 2019 is virtually identical to a Google Blogger post made earlier the same day. That post was adapted from a chapter in the author’s book True Christianity: It May Not Be What You Think. The author has also written similar articles on this subject in past years for other websites.

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